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World’s Top Class Paintings

Painting is an artwork by using different type of paints and colors. Painters usually use oil paint or water colors. It is commonly applied by brush and other implements for example sponges, airbrushes. Painting is a way of creating expressions. Rhythm is very important in painting. Rhythm allows creative force to generate different shapes. In

30+ Beautiful Collection of Handmade Bracelets

Bracelets are part of jewelry which is worn around wrist. Bracelets enhance beauty of hands. Since ancient time, women used to make bracelets and other jewelry by hand at home. They use beautiful colored pearls of different shapes to make bracelets. In olden times skull and metal shaped bracelets were very common. Beside this snail

25+ Spectacular Allah Calligraphy

Allah is the creator of the universe. He has bestowed upon us His countless blessings in the form of Earth, Water, natural beauty around us and many others. We thank Allah and He bestows us with more and more blessings. There is no parallel to the love of God for His creatures. He loves us