Mouthwatering Gola Kebab Recipe

Gola kebab is an Asian beef dish. This dish is loved by beef lovers. It is a simple and easy to cook recipe. So today I decided to share this yummy and irresistible recipe with my viewers. So here we go.


Beef (Minced)                          half Kg

Oil                                             half cup

Onion (Chopped)                     1

Seek Kebab Masala                 2 tbsp

Bread Slices                             2

Gram Flour                               2 tbsp

Lemon                                       3

Red Chili                                   1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder                     1 tsp

Black Paper                              1 tsp

Green Chili                                3

Ginger and Garlic Paste          1 tbsp

Ginger (Chopped)                    2 tbsp

Tomatoes (Chopped)               half Kg

Salt                                            as required


Grind beef, seek kebab masala and bread slices in a chopper, now add gram flour, salt and red chili in that mixture and mix well. Now make medium sized balls of that mixture and shallow fry in a frying pan.

Take a separate pan and add onion, turmeric powder, tomatoes, red chili, ginger and garlic paste and salt and let it cook on low heat. After 10 minutes add oil and let it be light roasted.

Now put fried kebab on that gravy, garnish with lemon juice, garlic, green chili and black paper cook for further 5 minutes on light heat. Serve with naan or bread. Enjoy.

gola kebab recipe

Do try it at home with your friends and family on weekends. I hope you will love it. Don’t forget to share your feedback, and let me know what else you want to see on my blog. Thanks for visiting CreativeMisHa.

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