Delicious Mango Delight Recipe

Today I am going to start my new category kitchen corner. And first of all I am posting in recipes. So here you will find delicious recipes which you can easily try at home. As you all know summer is the season of mangoes so firstly I decided to share yummy mango dishes.  I hope you will love it and will definitely try at home.


  • Cake Sponge                      1
  • Mango Juice                       ¼ Cup
  • Mango (Cut in Cups)         2 Cups
  • Eggs                                      3
  • Cream                                  8 Ounce
  • Sugar                                    8 tablespoon
  • Gelatin                                 1/2 tablespoon
  • Flour                                     1 tablespoon


First of all you have to cut a sponge cake into half. Put half cake on the base of cheesecake pan. Melt away gelatin in mango juice and cook till it dissolves, but don’t boil. Take 3 well beaten egg whites. Add flour, milk and sugar in sauce pan with yolks. Heat it with continue stirring until it get thick. Remove from stove and mix gelatin in it.

Beat cream in a bowl. Stir gently cream and egg whites in yolk custard. Add mangoes in this mixture and stir lightly. Add 2 tablespoon mango juice on base of the cake and pour half mango mixture on cake. Refrigerate it to set. Now put other half cake on it and pour remaining mango mixture. Refrigerate again. Decorate with mangoes and cream. Take out from pan and serve chilled.

mango delight recipe

Do tell me how tasted when you made it at home. Thanks for visiting CreativeMisHa.

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